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Sunday 14th 2016



Sunday 20th 2016



Sunday 3rd 2016

Henley Brook

Welcome to the Hoof Hearted Hoof Care website.

A little bit about me.....

Belinda Taylor

In 1998, I completed a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from UWA.  I have worked in the agricultural industry for more than 10 years.  The majority of this time has been spent in pasture management and cattle and sheep production.

I began trimming in 2002 when I couldn't get a  farrier to travel to me.  In order to learn a bit more about what I was doing, I completed a one day workshop on barefoot trimming with Jeremy Ford and Jen Clingly.  This taught me an incredible amount about not only trimming, but how diet, environment and movement all help to develop good quality, functional hooves.  They also told me about the Tasmanian Polytechnic Natural Equine Hoof Care Qualification.

Two years and another child later, I was trimming around 40 horses in my local area.  I decided I needed to complete the Tasmanian course and continue my hoof trimming education.  So in early 2009 I enrolled in the Certificate III In Agriculture (Natural Equine Hoof Care) through Tasmanian Polytechnic which I successfully completed in 2010.

My background in pasture management together with my hoof care qualifications compliment each other.  I regularly see horses who have hooves that have been damaged by grazing pastures and hay that are not appropriate for horses.  A good part of this website will be looking at pasture management and property design that will help to improve your horse's feet.