The Wet weather is upon us
Saturday, June 18, 2011 at 10:46AM
Belinda Taylor

With the wet weather set in and the green grass flourishing, now is a good time for those of you with laminitis prone horses and ponies to start thinking about how you plan on managing them through the coming months.

A couple of points to remember....

Sugars levels in grass spike after sunny days and frosty nights/mornings.  Avoid grazing your laminitis prone horses/ponies on grass during and directly after these conditions.

A well fertilised pasture is generally lower in sugars, than a deficient one.  You may have more grass due to fertilising, but the sugar level per bite will be less.  So by fertilising and limiting access to grass via strip grazing or a grazing muzzle, you will be reducing your horses sugar intake.

If you need to lock your horse off grass, remember to always provide access to hay.  Sugar levels in hay can be reduced by soaking hay for a minimum of an hour fully submerged in water.  Poor the water off, to remove the water soluble sugars and feed as usual.

If your horse has a tendency to be overweight, then don't rug him over winter.  He will burn extra energy keeping himself warm, through shivering or moving about more.  This is his natural thermoregulation system.  Keep in mind the weight lost now is a good set up for spring, where feed is in surplus and weight gain is more difficult to control.

If you need more information please download the following booklet Founder Facts.

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