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Managing Properties and Feeding Programs

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Sunday 14th 2016



Sunday 20th 2016



Sunday 3rd 2016

Henley Brook


Details: 3 acre property of which approximately 2.5 acres is pasture.
Soil Type: Murray 3 (gravelly loam), sloping ground
Current Pasture: Clover and Paspalum dominant
Weeds: Blackberry, Cape Tulip, Cape Weed and Patterson's Curse
Features: Winter stream and small soak.


The property has historically been used for horse and sheep grazing.  The neighbours used to run their sheep on the place and they would camp on the rise in the south paddock.  This area is particulary degraded.

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The goals for this property are:

1. To maintain and improve the landscape/soil health/pasture and;

2. To keep 2 horses on the property in a way that encourages movement and their natural behaviours.



The action plan for implementing the changes required to turn this run down property into a sustainable horse paradise is detailed below:

To view the property plan click here

Action 1: Completed

Clear the slate: Remove all old internal fences and existing shelter which is too close to the winter creek. Clear fallen trees, old non producing orchard trees and clean up rubbish.

Before and After: Old fencing and unproductive nut trees have been removed.

 Action 2: Completed

Control weeds and reseed: Spray out existing pasture and weeds and reseed pasture to horse friendly species - Rhodes grass and Australian Native Grasses (Wallaby and Weeping Grass).

Weeds have been sprayed and Rhodes and native grass mix has been seeded. Summer rain has greened up the Rhodes grass.  The south paddock now has Rhodes grass up to mid thigh height.  Fencing the firebreak/track has almost been completed.

Action 3: to be completed over summer

Soil test: Analyse soil samples for pH, Macro and micro elements.  Apply dolomite and/or lime as necessary to adjust pH and balance Calcium and Magnesium levels.  When pH is correct apply trace elements if necessary.

Action 4: to be completed over summer

Winter crossing: Establish a winter creek crossing for both vehicles and horses, that will also act as a riffle strip for the stream.

Action 5: Almost completed

Fencing: Fence off the creek line. 

Action 6: Completed, but will continue to fill in gaps with more natives as needed to create a true wildlife corridor.

Winter creek rehabilitation: Revegetate with native species. 

Action 7: Almost completed

Fencing: Fence the firebreaks to act as a track for the horses.

Action 8: ongoing project

Shelter: Reconstruct the shelter in new position to provide shelter, yards, tie up area, manure composting site and a water point for horses. Old shelter has been pulled down. New shelter in planning phase.